30+ Ultimate Jet Ski Accessories Every Jet Ski Owner Should Have

Jet ski accessories are a must-have product to enhance your water sports fun. You just cannot think of having a safe and legal water sport in the absence of relevant accessories. As 2023 is approaching, more and more people are realising the importance of having the best Jet ski accessories.

In this guide, you can find out how to purchase some of the most popular Jet ski accessories.

List of accessories for Jet Ski Owner

Without wasting any further time, here is ultimate list of jet ski accessories! From essential items like life jackets and safety whistle, to practical tools such as tracking device and coolers, we’ve got everything you need for a fun and safe time on the water.


A very limited number of people have fenders in their watercraft. These help to safeguard the equipment and avoid those terrible scratches and bumping. They are really important and affordable too. There is not even a single reason why you should not have them for your Jet ski rides.

jet ski Cover

When you want your equipment to last longer and withstand any harsh sun, a high-quality Jet ski cover is a must. It can avoid any bird droppings and can even overcome the weather impact very well.

Use a Jet ski cover with superior material so that it lasts longer. Make sure that the size perfectly fits your equipment so that covering your jet ski is not a headache for you.

👉🏻 I have shared guideline and tips before buying Jet ski cover.

Phone Dry bag

A dry bag is made out of plastic material to safeguard your mobile phone and other important equipment that are not waterproof. While you dive upon a Jet ski, it is very common to face water splashes. A simple dry bag shall keep everything protected in an affordable and safe way.

Swimming pool noodle aka Shock Tube

The swimming pool noodle is also an important and important equipment for jet ski owners. Swimming pool noodle do not look very attractive but they should be purchased as a good idea to fix any existing issues instantly. Purchase them and cut them down to length.

Safety flare

The safety flares are just like the first aid kit that you should have without any fail. Make a mindful choice in buying the best safety flares for Jet ski online and keep them towards the bottom inside the storage locker. Keep them easy to reach as you never want to waste any time when jet ski is sinking.

The safety flare expiry dates are also very important to be checked when you purchase them. Keep an eye on those dates and discard them after they are expired.

Telescopic Jet Ski Paddle

The telescopic paddle equipment is a very good thing in case you are going out for hunting on your jet ski. The emergency device can also act as your rescuer in case you get caught in some unwanted situation.

People who use Jet ski can run out of gas or face a flat battery without any prior notice, having a telescope paddle can literally save your life.

Safety whistle 

The safety whistle attached to your life jacket is a compulsory thing. Carry it along and also keep it in a good shape. This is indeed an mandatory accessories every Jet ski owner should have.

Rope and dock lines

Docking jet ski safely is a very important task that every owner should realise. You must also have a rope that is attached to the dock very well. This avoids the equipment to wander here and there.

Jet Ski GPS

Tracking equipment and GPS are very important to help you remain safe and secured in case you get lost during jets skiing. It is highly recommend get the best GPS device for Jet ski 2023 model that is waterproof and can work unprecedentedly.

This accessory is not just for Jet ski owner but also for swimmer, water sport enthusiasts.

jet ski Anchor

It is very important for every jet ski to have an anchor. The moment you find a relevant place, an anchor can help you to side your expensive Jet ski. You should try to subside the watercraft at least in 20 feet deep water. PWC Anchor helps you anchor your jet ski at one place.

Spare life jacket

A good quality spare life jacket is something that every Jet ski owner should have. It can help to provide safety to someone who is riding along. Also, you might come across someone who has just faced a water accident.

Moreover, a spare life jacket can take the place of the first malfunctioning life jacket. Absolutely must have accessory for Jet ski owner in 2023.

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First-aid kit

Every water sports lover is prone to some or the other accident. Things remain easily manageable in the presence of a first aid kit. You should have the basic Products of a first aid kit.

They can help you to avoid injuries and heal the wound very quickly. Once you know that where is the first aid kit present in the jet ski, you can always dive your way.

jet ski wash

The most famous Jet ski wash is the Australian chemical salt away that can keep your equipment protected against corrosion.

When the machine remains submerged within water for several hours, it needs to be cleaned very well to last longer. Get a high-quality Jet ski wash online and keep it away from usual wear and tear..

Portable Trash bags

The presence of trash bag can help you to toss the snack packets and unwanted elements in a collectable place. Throwing all the waste here and there in the ocean is never a good idea.

Moreover, plastic must be disposed very diligently. Trash or rubbish bags are also helpful for passengers who are prone to vomiting and get sick in the middle of nowhere.

Tracking device

A tracking device helps your friends and family to know about your whereabouts. Carry a good quality GPS for jet skis that is water resistant and works perfectly well in deep ocean. This can save your life in case of unwanted circumstances and accidents.

Ladder for jet ski

Majority of the Jet ski models do not come with ladders. The ones who are not very fit are going to have a hard time accessing a passenger chair in the watercraft. Using a Jet ski ladder can fix all these issues very quickly. The ladders are made out of nylon and remain super affordable.


You can get into a hard trouble in case something gets stuck in your Jet ski. Having a sharp knife can let you throttle with full fun and enjoy things safely.

A knife can be put into many images that you would realize only at the time when you need it. It can also be used in untangling fishing nets and various other purposes.

Security lock

A Jet ski holds your emotional connect apart from the fact that it is pricey equipment. It should be locked very well to prevent theft. A security lock can keep your Personal watercraft with you eternally.

You can even go for digital locks that are more secured and avoid any unwanted happenings. You can even keep the Jet ski logs for several months in case you do not use it at all. A lock shall keep it well protected without any special efforts required.

Marine wax

Marine wax is a very vital thing to keep your Jet ski look shiny new always. Wash your Jet ski very well with freshwater and let it dry before applying the marine wax over it. The marine wax not only helps the equipment to look new but also keeps it protected against corrosion.

duct tape

Use a Duct tape in case you find a broken strap in the life jacket. These are temporary repair arrangements that you can have in your personal watercraft permanently.

Extra fuel

Carry plenty of fuel gas cans with can holder because it can be really challenging to find a fuel station everywhere you go. Some of the Best brands like Yamaha and sea doo already have tanks for extra fuel storage. However, in case you have a usual Jet ski brand, do not forget carrying some extra fuel by making a small arrangement.

Waterproof torch

Most of the time it is suggested to not to ride a Jet ski during the night time because you can have the worst possible experience.

However, if it darkens up some time while riding, At least a waterproof torch can act as your rescuer. The Coast Guard quickly recognise such flashing lights and come to safeguard the traveller.

Safety flag

The flag is again a must have things specially when you get lost during your interventions. Never go for Jet ski camping in the absence of a red safety flag. Check out the exact place you are travelling because some of the countries realise their local flags.

Zip Ties

Zip ties are also very essential in case your original zip malfunctions in the middle of nowhere. I would recommend every beginner and intermediate to have all accessory mentioned in this post.

Esky with fishing rod holders

You would have often seen people going on a Jet ski for fishing with holder at back side of Jet ski. These are very important to catch hold of maximum fishes while making minimal effort. When doing fishing on jet ski with proper accessory, it beats the experience of boat.

Marine radio 

A marine radio is a very reliable equipment to receive important updates and to track the location. It also comes with panic buttons that get activated in just one press. Purchase best VHF marine radio online and toss it in your equipment so that it can add to your safety for upcoming years.

Jet ski tubes

High-quality tubes consume much lower horsepower and are very important in case you’re carrying children alone. Jet ski tubes can be towed behind to have plenty of activity.

They are an add-on to the Jet ski in which row can be tied. Make sure that who ever uses these tubes also wears a life safety jacket without any fail.

Extra water bottle

Riders have a tendency to get thirsty more often. It is a good idea to carry a big water bottle and an extra amount of water to keep your throttling absolutely convenient.

In fact, throttling without water is very scary altogether. Always have a large water bottle before setting on to ride on a Jet ski. An essential accessory to carry for every PWC enthusiast.

Phone dock

Comfortably mount your phone upon a handlebar dock along with a waterproof case. This makes sure that you quickly have a GPS device handy and you know where and when to contact people.

In case of situations when riders panic, phone is the first thing they fail to identify. Always have a safe place for mounting your phone by making arrangements for a phone dock on Jet ski.

TRIWONDER Hydration Pack

For any outdoor enthusiast, staying hydrated on longer routes is crucial. This Triwonder hydration pack comfortably fits a 2-liter bottle on each side. This hydration backpack is ideal for any rocky terrain because it is built of strong, waterproof material and has several storage compartments.

Tool Kit

Always have a multi utility toolkit by your side to keep your adventure safe and manageable. You should know the basic repairs and quick fix on using jet ski.

In case you need to screw or and screw something urgently, toolkit would quickly help you to do that. Always check this essential tool kit before taking next ride.

Jet ski Goggles

Anyone who owns a jet ski should have goggles (especially polarized goggles). Polarized goggles provide better visibility and offer protection from the sun when riding a jet ski.

Jet ski goggles are recommended as the speed of the jet ski might negatively impact the rider on a bad day. There are some riders who prefer helmets without a face shield, so a nice pair of goggles will definitely be useful.

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4 Best Jet Ski Accessory That Will Make Your Rides Even More Enjoyable

The list is not over yet because we have added some more Jet ski equipment that you may need. Every jet skier has a different way of riding and having fun. That is why, these equipment are completely subjective –

Cup holder

Cup holders can be used for storing small towels and tiny things you carry during jet ski water sports activity. This can keep your belongings safe even if you hit a big wave while writing.

jet ski camera

Some of the Jet ski owners have a separate YouTube and Facebook channel where they keep on uploading videos.

In case you are a social media influencer apart from a professional watersport lover, just carry a good quality camera to capture some dashing footage. In fact jet ski camera also acts as a safety equipment in case you are lost or needing help.

Here are some amazing things to put on while jet skiing.

Cool bags

A cooler bag by your side can keep important things frozen and fresh. You can keep some chilled beer and water on it. This is perhap an add on accessory for Jet ski enthusiastic.

Snorkeling gear

You can go for a snorkeling gear or a mask in case something gets stuck while you are riding.

3 Must Add Accessories to Make Your Jet Ski More Awesome

Boarding Ladder

A boarding ladder is a great addition to any jet ski. It makes it much easier to get on and off the jet ski and can even help with getting back on the jet ski if you ever fall off.

Boarding ladders come in many shapes and sizes, so it’s important to choose one that is the right size and style for your jet ski. Almost every brand has their boarding ladder in their add-on accessory section, so always check the compatibility before buying.

Boarding Ladder
Boarding Ladder

Audio Accessories

An audio-portable system for a jet ski is an excellent way to enjoy your time on the water. It allows you to bring your favorite music or podcasts with you while you cruise along the waves.

Always go for the latest audio system having a good rating in IPX with advanced connectivity like bluetooth. Check for brand and model compatibility before final purchase.

BRP Audio-Portable System
BRP Audio-Portable System

Soft Armrest With Cup Holder

The Soft Armrest With Cup Holder for jet ski is a great accessory for any water enthusiast. This armrest is made from a soft, durable material that is comfortable to hold and provides excellent support. The cup holder is conveniently located at the front of the armrest, making it easy to access your beverage while riding.

Final words

Most of the Jet ski equipment we have covered are essential and available online on Amazon. In case you can purchase them locally from the dealers, just go for them without any fail.

Keep reading the guide we bring for you on this page because I personally love to portray industry trends and talk about the water sports activities in depth. With more than seven years of experience in the marine industry, all these equipment and my personal favourite.

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