Best 3-Seater Jet Ski: Guide, Comparison and Recommendation

The more space your jet ski has, the higher is the fun. Nothing can beat the characteristics of a typical 3-seater jet ski. It can comfortably accommodate more than two people together and help you to have a complete family get-together on an ocean. With your beloved people sitting beside you, the three seater PWC models from Yamaha, Sea-doo and other leading companies never disappoint the buyers. They have the required specifications and even convertible seating options.

Jet skiing offers an excellent way to have outdoor activity. For instance, the three-seater jet ski is an easy option for comfortable riding for two more people. This 3 Seater jet ski helps you to enjoy fishing and other water sports activities.

However, with a varieties of jet ski models option, finding the right one can be a challenge. Whether you’re a beginner or pro user, there’s an ideal watercraft out there that will fulfil seating capacity and enhance your experience. So, let’s dive into some of the top 3-Seater jet ski in the industry!

3-seater jet ski buying guide

Selecting the best three-seater jet ski model when there plethora of options available in the market can be confusing. To make things simple, it’s important to consider few factors such as horsepower, passenger capacity, model type, and price range. In this 3-seater jet ski buying guide, we will share you the important aspects that you should evaluate to ensure have perfect three-seater jet ski for your needs.

When purchasing a three-seater jet ski, focus on horsepower, which should be a minimum of 90 hp for optimum performance and affordability. Additionally, make sure that the model you choose have 3 seating capacity minimum. Depending upon personal preference It’s also vital to decide between a luxury or touring model based on your usage. Lastly, keep in mind the price range and additional features offered by jet ski brand. By filtering each of these factors, you’ll have best three-seater jet ski for your next thrilling water experience.

4 Essential Factor for Buying 3 Seater Jet ski

Horse power

Go for a minimum of 90 hp model when purchasing three seater vehicle. You can find a plenty of 3 seater Jet ski models having 60-120 hp range. The 90 hp model is most of the time affordable and comes with a whole set of features. You can find tune with its performance and affordability.

Passenger capacity 

A jet ski model should have a minimum capacity of three people. Do not feel confused with the two seater capacity models because they cannot usually accommodate three people easily.

Rec-lite Model

The Rec-lite models easily come with a 60hp – 100hp engine and can go at a speed of 45 mph. They are great in performance and can deliver a good ride even in rough condition.

luxury or touring model

The Jet ski market is laden with the most powerful engines and expensive vehicles. Each of them have a different requirement to meet.

The luxury based jet ski models have adjustable handlebars, special security system and a display. The touring ones on the other hand have features for fishing, tow sports and touring. These are lightweight in nature and are very fit for recreational purpose.

Luxury models on the other hand are very heavy in weight and come with special functions. These models cannot be used on a daily basis and are specifically meant to fulfil the hobby of jet skiing.

Price range 

It’s important to find the right balance between price and performance. Whether your budget is a few thousand dollars or up to $20,000, remember that price have direct co-relation with performance. So consider your budget and accordingly make decision. Look up for the add-on features offered by brand/manufacturer.

Best three seater jet ski models

Sea doo RTX -x

Sea doo always has received some of the most prized possessions in terms of three seater jet ski models. This time, it is Sea Doo RTX -X model that is completely revolutionary in nature. Talking about the performance, the 300 hp engine is exciting and intelligent at the same time. This model offers maximum control in water condition so that you always execute what you want during your tours.

Sea-Doo RXT-X
Engine OptionsRotax 1630 ACE – 300 hp
Fuel Capacity15.9 US gal (60 L)
DimensionL – 135.9″ (345.1 cm)
W – 49.4″ (125.5 cm)
Rider Capacity3
Add-on FeaturesiBR, Ergolock System, LinQ System

What we like

  • 300 HP powerful engine
  • Beautiful designing with mac control features
  • Suitable for all weather conditions
  • Advance combustion efficiency
  • Ergonomic design

Spark trixx 3 up

Another famous name in the category of best three-seater jet skis under 10K is spark trixx 3 up. The easy to manuvere model comes with unique handling features. It always gives you an extra edge when controlling the vehicle. It is fun to operate this model with 90 HP engine power. You get to experience absolute excitement over the water with top notch controller feature. When compared with some other models in the same category, this will come out as winner unlike the rest.

👉🏻 Find the Difference: Comparing Sea-doo Spark and Trixx

Spark Trixx 3 up
Engine OptionsRotax 900 ACE – 90 hp
Fuel Capacity7.9 US gal (30 L)
DimensionL- 120″ (305 cm)
W- 46″ (118 cm)
Rider Capacity3
Add-on FeaturesiBR, Handlebar with Adjustable Riser,
Step Wedges, VTS.

What we like

  • Better control
  • Ergonomic design
  • Better stability extended rare platform
  • Beautiful colour combination
  • Powerful 90 HP engine

Yamaha FX cruiser SVHO

This cruiser jet ski ensures that you enjoy jet ski touring every time on it. With premium performance, the latest wave-runner technology model is embedded with the most idealistic features possible. The ultimate 3-seater jet ski comes with two channel amplifier and easy access control pads. The marine speakers are waterproof and let you access your favourite songs on the go. The high vibrancy glass touchscreen gives you full connectivity with GPS, mapping, smartphones and control functions. You would never get tired of jet skiing on such a luxurious cruise jet ski.

I like the extra large glove box that ensures to keep all your belongings such as smartphones, GPS and other accessories are safe. It has a USB port and LED lighting options.

Engine Options1.8L Supercharged Super Vortex High Output engine
Fuel Capacity18.5 US gal (70 L)
DimensionL – 140.9″ (357.6 cm),
W – 50″ (127 cm)
Rider Capacity3
Add-on FeaturesRide Technology, Multi-Mount System, Watertight Storage,
Cruise Assist/No Wake Mode

What we like

  • Luxurious appeal
  • Super powerful performance
  • Better stability
  • Touch screen panel
  • WaveRunner feature

Yamaha vX cruiser hO

The Innovative Yamaha cruiser HO has integrated features and a special audio system installed. The entire packaging includes waterproof marine speakers, amplifier and control pads. There are also arrangements to keep the battery protected to let you enjoy music on the go. The innovative design of the haul lets you have a comfortable seating with complete grip. The deck design is for overall comfort and satisfaction.

Enjoy riding your jet ski and monitoring everything on the LCD display. The intuitive touch functions also include security that can prevent unauthorised access of the vehicle.

Additionally, you can even attach a special mounting system in this model so that mounting speakers, Bluetooth accessories and GPS can be easy. You need to this system separately but when added to the model, riding becomes much more easier.

Engine Options1.8L High Output Yamaha Marine Engine
Fuel Capacity18.5 US gal (70 L)
DimensionL – 132.7″ (337 cm),
W – 48″ (122 cm)
Rider Capacity3
Add-on FeaturesRide Technology, Cruise Assist, No Wake Mode,
Re-boarding Step

What we like

  • Better controls
  • Fuel efficiency
  • Reliable performance
  • Important accessories for fishing tow spirts lounging and more

Jet Ski Ultra 310 LX

Now we are talking about the model that is ahead in terms of fuel efficiency, specifications and affordability. As long as you ride it regularly, there won’t any complain about the stability. The top-rated 3-person watercraft model has four stroke engine and outstanding performance on water. With large storage capacity and ergonomic design, this is one of the optimal models for choosing the perfect 3-seater jet ski.

Available in golden and grey colour combination, the Jet ski ultra 310 LX model is for long journey, with large fuel tank, you can ride it without any concern of getting out of fuel.

Engine Options1,498cc inline 4-cylinder – Supercharged
Fuel Capacity20.6 US gal (78 L)
DimensionL- 132.7″ (337 cm),
W- 47.0″ (120 cm)
Rider Capacity3
Add-on FeaturesKawasaki Smart Steering, Electronic Cruise Control,
Adjustable Handlebar, JetSound Audio System

What We like

  • Large fuel tank capacity
  • Thrilling design 
  • Influential design
  • Sturdy performance
  • Added stability

Jet Ski STX 160LX

Kawasaki can never disappoint its buyers; and this time too it meets the expectations thoroughly. The excitement of buying top 3-seater jet skis for fun can never be fulfilled better in the absence of this model. With every thing crafted perfectly, you get a powerful engine with 1,498cc capacity. The vehicle can attain a speed of 62 mph and can be categorised as a recreational model.

As an experienced jet ski enthusiast, I am happy to say that the quality of this three-seater jet ski has significantly improved over the years by the brand. This jet ski can easily accommodate three heavy passengers without any difficulty, making this model perfect for 3 people group. Additionally, this model offer good amount of storage space for all accessories and gear. With features like reverse, forward, neutral, and manual controls, operating jet ski get more easier than its predecessor.

One of the best three seater capacity models available from Kawasaki, you would love the intelligent throttle control system provided in this machine. The digital encoded security system further keeps your PWC safe.

Jet Ski STX 160LX
Engine Options1,498cc inline 4-cylinder
Fuel Capacity20.6 US gal (78 L)
DimensionL- 124.1″ (315 cm),
W- 46.5″ (118 cm)
Rider Capacity3
Add-on FeaturesSmart Learning Operation (SLO) mode,
Cruise Control, JETSOUND audio system

What we Like

  • Wide angle mirror
  • Variable trim systems
  • Digital encoded system
  • Fast speed engine
  • High-quality performance

choosing the perfect 3-seater jet ski


An affordable version of 3-seater jet ski, the Rec-lite models are known for their lightweight and higher speed. They are comparatively affordable and the most common ones to be purchased in market.

Models Includes:

  1. Sea-Doo Spark Series
  2. Yamaha EX Series
  3. Kawasaki Jet Ski STX-15F


Top performer jet ski models are the ones for recreational purposes. You can find them from Kawasaki and Sea-doo very easily. They come with added stability and better control so that your manoeuvring remains un-compromised always.

Models Includes:

  1. Sea-Doo GTI Series
  2. Yamaha VX Series
  3. Kawasaki Jet ski STX 160 Series

tow sports

If you are a big fan of big boarding and tubing, remember that nothing can compensate for jet ski for tow sports category. Such models have attachments that let you tow a tubes behind and have fun with your family and kids. Such type of Jet ski models have a higher resale value or together.

Models Includes:

  1. Sea-Doo Wake Series
  2. Yamaha FX Series
  3. Kawasaki Jet ski Ultra 310 Series


Luxury 3 seater jet ski models have a higher price range. They are no doubt powerful and come with top notch features such as LED display extra storage capacity additional features and highest horsepower. They are known for their speed and exorbitant performance.

Models Includes:

  1. Sea-Doo GTX Series
  2. Yamaha SVHO Series


The performance based Jet skis are the one that are described in the terms of speed and power. In a nutshell, they are water scooters that deliver you unbeatable control on water. On an average, such type of three seater jet ski or available at a price of $8500 -$19,000.

Models Includes:

  1. Sea-Doo RX Series
  2. Yamaha GP1800 Series
  3. Kawasaki Jet ski Ultra Series

Our Recommendation

When you are going for a three seater jet ski model, make sure that it is a combination of power, speed, capacity and affordability. We recommend going for a minimum of 90 hp model for optimal performance and affordability. Ensure the model can comfortably accommodate three people and consider choosing between luxury or touring models based on your preferences. Take note of the price range and prioritize reputable brands with positive reviews. Remember, intelligent controls and ergonomic designs can enhance your riding experience, while performance-oriented jet skis cater to various water sports activities.

Final Words

It would not be wrong to say that the three seater jet ski models are a combination of excitement and comfortability. They give another level of satisfaction and adrenal gush. The extra space and added features makes it a little easier for any enthusiast to initiate every activity in the category of water sports. The Kawasaki, Sea-doo and Yamaha remain the top-most companies producing ultimate 3-seater jet ski. Take a note of top 3-seater jet skis we reviewed on this page and you will definitely have a powerful machine at your disposal.