Best Jet Ski for Towing a Tube (Brief Guide)

Want to experience a lot of fun while towing on a jet ski? Well, we have got some best jet ski for towing a tube that can give you ultimate fun and enjoyment. Pulling a tube behind a watercraft needs some important factors to be considered. It is not just a fun activity but something very important that every jet ski owner should try.

Can Every Jet Ski Handle Towing Tubes?

Not all jet skis are suitable for towing a tube, as it depends on factors such as the carrying capacity and horsepower of the jet ski. The ability to tow a tube will vary from jet ski to jet ski.

Yes, majority of jet ski available in market are much efficient to tow and pull tubes, but on papers, a jet ski machine should at least have 100 hp to tow tubes.

Generally, if you have a 2 or 3 seater jet ski that produces a minimum of 100 horsepower, it should be powerful enough to pull a tube. The higher the horsepower, the more weight you can tow behind your jet ski.

Best Towing tubes for jet skis

O’Brien super screamer

Inflation and deflation of this towing tube is a speedy task. You are not going to face hassles in launching the tube on a full fledged ocean. The high profile material used in manufacturing the product makes it easy to glide over the water. It comes with fast and easy connection system, so you won’t have to spend much time to attach it to your water vessel.

Airhead Mach

Perfectly sized towing tube will keep your knees protected. It is a durable product with multiple tow points so that your safety is never compromised. The only thing that you need to ensure is to tie it behind a heavy engine water vessel only.

The versatile choice for every water sport lover comes with drain wings and heavy PVC bladder. You can keep your elbows and knees completely protected with the special foam pads added in it. Comfort factor is foremost in towing activity and it can be clearly seen in this specific model.

airhead super slice

People who just want to get some quick adrenal rush can go for the Airhead super-slice towing tube. It is a cleverly design with more features and comfortable seating. You are definitely going to appreciate your decision after purchasing this water sporting product.

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Pros of jet ski tube towing

When it comes to having a great time on the water, people usually think of boats first for towing tubes. However, there are a number of advantages to towing tubes behind jet skis instead of traditional boats. Here, I will discuss some of the benefits of towing tubes behind jet skis compared to traditional boats.

Perfect for shallow water

Shallow water usually gives lesser opportunities to initiate any sort of water sports activity. However, when it comes to towing a tube behind a jet ski, things can be very safe and enjoyable at the same time. The only point to be considered is to ensure that the rope does not get struck in the middle of somewhere.

More affordable

Many people question why jet ski owners love to tow. Well, I would say that it is somewhere more affordable than purchasing a full fledged boat. Secondly, it is slightly different because you don’t have to manage anything except sitting on it calmly. The jet ski would simply drag it and let you have all the fun.

Extremely easy to manage

Jet ski models are very easy and quick to launch. You don’t have to remove them from the anchor or take any sort of stress. They are simply marvellous because of many reasons.

Are there any rules of dragging a person on a towing tube ?

Safety regulations must be strictly respected in countries like Australia and Canada by using a towing tube behind a jet ski. The regulations are important and everybody should pay close attention to them.

Things can be worse than an accident if in case something goes wrong. While pulling a person behind a water craft, these safety measures have to be kept in mind and followed wilfully.

Best Jet ski for towing a tube

Choosing a towing PWC for this fun activity should be broad enough to provide space for the observer, driver and one seat vacant. It would be better to go for medium sized models so that things are better handled. Also, horsepower should be carefully observed to keep things working as per expectations.

Three seater horsepower jet skis have sufficient power to pull a tube behind. You can select models like Kawasaki STX 160 having plenty of performance capacity. Also, smaller model like Sea-doo just have 90 hp which is suitable only for towing kids. If you are planning to carry an adult on towable tube, there should be a minimal of 100-120 hp engine.

If you’re looking for the best jet ski for towing a tube this year, I have mentioned few brand model series that can comfortable for doing towing tube activity, whether you’re a beginner looking for a more basic model or an experienced rider looking for something with more power, there’s a jet ski for you.

Yamaha WaveRunner Series

The popular jet ski model starts at a price of $7599 and can reach up to $16,000 depending on the type of model you choose. It has seating capacity of minimum three adults so that you remain safe while towing a tube.

The hundred horsepower of the engine is definitely not enough to drag an adult behind. However, it is just a suitable option if you have small children who want to experience the towing activity. It comes with dual rear view mirror so that you can keep a track of the tuber behind. Additionally, the increased storage space and a retractable boarding step act as a very useful option while initiating the activity of tube towing.

Yamaha Waverunner Series
Yamaha Waverunner Series (1)

Yamaha WaveRunner Jet ski Models

  • Rec Lite – EX Series – Experience the power and convenience of the Yamaha Rec Lit Ex Series! Enjoy the thrill of the open water in a lightweight, compact, and cheapest WaveRunner.
  • Recreation – VX Series – Mid-size performance three-passenger models are the perfect choice for a great day on the water. With their aspirated 1.8L Yamaha HO marine engine, you’ll have the power you need for an exhilarating ride.
  • Luxury – FX Series – These full-size, full-featured models offer superior power and performance with a supercharged Yamaha 1.8L marine engine. Enjoy luxurious cruising with the best of the best.
  • Performance – GP Series – The Yamaha Performance GP Series offers the perfect balance of power and performance.
  • Freestyle Series – Yamaha Freestyle Series offers compact-size single-rider and three-passenger models, perfect for experiencing serious fun on the water. With sleek and stylish designs, you can show off your custom ride with confidence.

Sea-doo wake Series

One of the most sophisticated and deserving models to be chosen for towing behind a jet ski has all the features and power. You should be aware how to operate the high end machine that remains lightweight and extremely performing.

The model is redesigned with added colours and scratch resistant technology. It also performs more effectively than traditional fiber-glass watercraft. While delivering more stability and comfort, this jet ski is a commendable option to go for. It has premium audio system and extra controls to ensure your ride is full of fun and entertainment.

The towing specific features of the model include boarding ladder so that the tuber can easily come out of the water. Additionally, it has retractable linQ ski pylon which reduces mishaps with rope and adds to the safety making it one of the best jet ski for towing a tube.

Sea Doo Wake Series
Sea Doo Wake Series (2)

Sea-Doo Wake Series Jet ski Models

  • Sea-doo Wake – Sea Doo Wake offers an unparalleled experience with improved stability and incredible power and fuel efficiency to take you and up to two other passengers on an unforgettable ride.
  • Sea-doo Wake Pro – Feel the power of the Sea Doo Wake Pro Supercharged engine with its industry-leading stability and control. Enjoy the Tech Package with BRP Audio system, plus a large swim platform with LinQ attachment points for all your tow sports needs.

How to Stay Safe While Enjoying the Thrill of Jet Ski Tubing

Jet ski tube towing is definitely full of fun and zest. It is something that a person of every age group would love. Somehow, you should apply some common sense to ensure that you come up absolutely safe after the exciting activity ends.

There are some laws and jurisdictions to be observed and you should never think of escaping them. The formulated rules and regulations are for your personal safety. Follow the guidelines and make sure to follow below safety measure while towing a tube behind jet ski.

Initiate mindful riding

Take a very keen note while turning and riding over the waves. You cannot continue to ride at a high speed at every step. Sometimes, watercraft can be very shaky and dangerous. Behave very calm and handle the situation with the help of an observer.

Check equipment condition

Absolutely! It is of utmost importance to make sure that your jet ski is in good condition before you go out on the water. Not only is it important to wear a life safety jacket, but it is also important to make sure that the jet ski has enough fuel, is properly serviced, and that all the parts are functioning properly.

For floatsam, sandbars and water debris 

If you think that safety is important, make sure that you look for the obstacles without any disparity. Check out the water depth and also present natural and unnatural obstacles.

Take a note of tuber

Ask your observer whether the person tubing behind is in a good condition or not. You should always respect their wishes while riding and avoid any injury or physical damage. Many people who have a history of back pain may not be able to sit longer on a towing tube. You should respect their body scenario and avoid taking sharp turns or riding at high speed.

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Final Words

The inflatable tube is an excellent way to add enthusiasm and happiness in your water sports. It is simply a marvellous activity for both kids and adults. Ocean sports can never be better enjoyed apart from towing a tube behind a jet ski.

With this blog post, I have provided a thorough overview of the best jet ski for towing a tube. If you’re looking for more information on popular jet ski models, be sure to explore our other blog posts on the topic.

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