11 Things to Put On & Carry While Jet Skiing

Are you unsure of what to wear on your first jet ski ride? Well, we are going to help you by giving the correct advice and suggestions. By following our suggestion, you’ll be sure to stay comfortable and have an enjoyable experience.

Cool things to wear when jet skiing

Wide brimmed hat

Carrying a hat while riding a jet ski is a smart idea because it keeps you looking cool and prevents high-speed discomfort. At times, you might find the ski angulating your neck but that is completely tolerable as long as the safety measures are considered.

Polarised sunglasses

You should definitely wear polarized sunglasses because these can keep you away from any harmful UV rays damaging your eyes. You can easily find the best sunglasses for jet ski riding at a price range of $50. Take a look so that you do not end up buying sunglasses usually labeled as polarized, as they do not protect your eyes and are not very good to be used either.

The best recommendation is to purchase sunglasses that a tight fitting on face and can be used during bike riding as well. The goggles can be chosen as an option but sometimes they just for gap and create a mess.

T-shirts and shorts

You can never defeat the comfort of wearing shorts and T-shirts when riding a jet ski. No matter whether you are a male or a female, you should always try to wear a shirt and shorts to protect you against injuries and unwanted accidents. The short should be knee length and very simple so that it does not discomfort you when you are riding.

Riding gloves

Riding gloves are not only stylish but they are also necessary wearable accessory when operating a jet ski. You can easily purchase it for as less as $20. Some of the gloves can easily save you against chafing.

There are different types of PVC gloves in the market and they are just perfect to hold the handlebar and the right spot. Avoid using motor cycling gloves as they happen to get very hot and do not function well most of the time. They can drench your fingers very easily while creating a question mark In overall protection.

Good quality life jacket

A life jacket is a must-have thing when you use a jet ski on a full-fledged basis. However, it should be noted that the size & class of the life jacket should be perfect according to your frame. Select a life jacket designed to calm down waterways.

Waterproof camera 

Capture all the memories of your fun day out on the water with a waterproof camera. One can go for GoPro cameras which can be mounted on the ski itself.

Lip balm

Apart from wearing sunglasses and applying sunscreen, it is very important to wear a lip balm that is enriched with SPF 30. It can be very soothing for cracked lips to avoid dryness and discomfort. It is generally inexpensive to purchase a lip balm and you don’t need to spend a fortune every time. Easily purchase it from the local gas stations or pharmacies.

Water resistant sunscreen

Majority of the riders are just not aware that water resistant sunscreen can keep you away from burnt and avoid any skin infections to take place. The SPF 30 sunscreen can be applied at an interval of two hours. You can easily apply it in your arms neck and other areas where you would find direct sun rays falling.

Water resistant sunscreen
Water resistant sunscreen

Hydration backpack

Hydration backpack is again a very important thing that you need to carry while riding on a jet ski. Just toss it in the front storage locker of the water craft and take it out when you need a refresh in cold water on a hot day. Riding a jet ski should never come with any discomfort or thirst. Therefore, a water bottle that remains cold for up to 24 hours should be carried along.

Hydration backpack
Hydration backpack


You’ll definitely want to bring a few towels to dry off after a day of jet skiing. This is the essential thing to carry with you. This will also protect your other equipment like sunglasses and phones from getting wet.



A smartphone is the last but not the least recommendation in our list of most required things during jet skiing. A smart phone is always your rescuer in case you get caught up in some unwanted situation. It comes with GPS access and so many other technology that makes communication instantly possible. Instead of buying a separate GPS tracker, having a smartphone would fulfil all your needs.

Somehow, a smartphone cannot survive if it accidentally falls in the salted water. You need to remain very careful on using it.

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Here are some important questions that need to be answered regarding the top priority things you should wear while Jet skiing

It is important to purchase everything mentioned in the list ?

You need to have a maximum of the stuff mentioned in the list because they are highly recommended. In some of the cases you need to wear PFD approved accessories that are best in quality and can protect you against unwanted circumstances.

What else do I need to bring with me if I’m jet skiing for the first time?

In addition to the essential things like a life jacket and sunscreen, you’ll also want to bring towels, snacks, and a waterproof camera to capture all the memories of your fun day out on the water.

Is it important to wear a helmet during jet skiing?

Helmets are not necessary while riding a jet ski. Somehow, if you are performing some stunt or doing some hazardous activity, they are perhaps needed.

Is it a good idea to use jet ski life jacket for other water sports activities?

Of course you can use the life jacket for different types of water sports activities including wakeboarding riding watercraft and canyoning. You can use them even during riding kayaks.

What are some safety rules I should follow when jet skiing?

Some safety guides you should follow when jet skiing include: never ski alone, stay within your skill level, don’t drink and ski, be aware of your surroundings, and follow the rules of the waterway.

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Final Words:

Here we conclude the eleven must-have things that you should wear and use while doing jet skiing. Some of the things are quite common and you definitely have it already. On the other hand the first time jet ski riders can purchase the recommended product from the leading sources.

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