Sea-Doo Spark vs Sea-Doo Trixx: Which 2022 Model is More Worthwhile?

Sea-Doo continues to bring some of the most outstanding models of Jet skis between us. After the huge success of previous models, the company continues to bring even better models for a quick purchase.

Recently, sea doo has come up with Sea doo spark and Sea-Doo trixx 2022-2023 Models that remain confusing for the buyers. In this article we have brought a complete guide to clarify the existing dilemma and help you to decide firmly while choosing one specific variant.

Spark vs trixx

Both the models of Sea-Doo are highly featured and it is definitely very confusing to put your finger on any one specific option. Spark comes in dual variation which includes 90 hp and 260 hp speed respectively. Refer our below table

A little comparison between Sea doo spark and Sea doo trixx

Spark Vs Trixx - Comparison of Sea-Doo Models
Spark Vs Trixx – Comparison of Sea-Doo Models

How does trixx actually differs from Spark?

This is the basic model from Sea-Doo and is a good upgrade to the original model. The latest Sea-Doo trixx differs from sea doo spark in the following points- 

  • Adjustable handlebars that a more comfortable and appear like motocross bike
  • You can change the riding style
  • Step wedges so that you can shoot some promotional videos while doing some tricks

The machine is absolutely lightweight so that you can launch the equipment and enjoy every thing more vigorously. Let us have a deeper look at the features of the models.

Variable trim System (VTS)

Variable trim in Jet ski models is also very fancy and can change the height of the equipment. You need this particular feature in order to make changes in your watercraft according to the density of the water.

New Sea Doo Trixx - Variable Trim
New Sea Doo Trixx – Variable Trim

Whereas, Sea doo spark does not come with any variable trim. However, the more expensive models of the company ensure better cruising experience and have variable trim option.

Adjustable height Handlebars

The adjustable handlebars are very helpful for those people who are very tall in height. Many people who initiate doing certain tricks using Jet ski models can always enjoy their activities with the Sea-Doo trixx model. The handlebar provides almost 6 inches of additional height that helps you to move it around freely while helping you to play with it.

Riding and cruising in such a model is very easy and you can do it on a daily basis. You can even watch certain promotional videos about using Sea-Doo trixx and learn how to use the handlebars. Easily, we can recommend beginner to go this latest Jet Ski model.

Upgrading jet ski option

The Sea-Doo Spark model can be said to be a poor man’s option. On the other hand, Sea-Doo Trixx has better upgrades and they are not very expensive as well.


The ordinary Jet ski models would simply make you fall off in case you try to give a very cool post. The spark model on the other hand is very extraordinary where you can stand very comfortably to click pictures.

Sea Doo Trixx Wedges to help you Stand
Sea Doo Trixx Wedges to help you Stand

The factory made model original paintwork and some of the finest specifications that would keep the users delighted. This is one of best feature to have in 2022-2023 Sea-Doo models.

Music on the Go

Sea-Doo Trixx comes with a built-in music player, so you can enjoy your tunes while you jet ski. The Portable Audio System lets you take your music on the go, so you can have fun and stay entertained while you’re out on the water. Whether you’re cruising around or enjoying some time at the beach, the Sea-Doo Trixx with a music player is the perfect way to listen to your favorite tunes.

While on other hand, Sea-Doo Spark also comes with build in Music player, but with old updates – Not much of different in the matter of music.

Sea Doo Models with Music System
Sea Doo Models with Music System

Which Is the best model to be purchased in 2022/23 -trixx or spark?

You can place an order for the upgrade separately and add them to the watercraft . Amazon is the best option where you can directly get in touch with the dealers. Remember Trixx models are limited to 2 passengers only.

However, the latest model can take up to 3 passengers which technically include one adult and two children. For New purchase, this is perfect choice to go with latest Sea Doo Models.

Final Words

You can purchase the models according to your sweet will and spend money accordingly. Amazon directly delivers both models directly to your home. It should be noted that Trixx is just limited to 2 passengers in the original model whereas the latest option comes with three seater features. You can comfortably ride along with adults and two children.

In my opinion, Sea-Doo trixx 2022-23 model is far better than spark. It offers promotional pricing and is a great way to discover the joy of water crafting.

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