New Vs Used Jet Ski: Uncover the Pros & Cons (Checklist before Buying)

New Vs Used Jet Ski: So, you are planning to save some money on buying a personal watercraft. It is quite normal to face confusions regarding purchase of a brand new jet ski model or going for an already used one.

Most of the people get into this debate before finally spending their hard earned money. Let us consider following point before taking buying decision for your dream jet ski machine.

Which is better – new or used jet ski?

Both New and Used Jet Ski models come up with their pros and cons and you need to know them first. Each buyer has a specific budget and requirement. Making a final decision completely depends on your situation and preferences.

Comparing New Vs Old Jet Ski
Comparing New Vs Used Jet Ski

Old jet ski versus new jet ski – Comparison


New Jet SkiOld Jet Ski
Some of the Jet ski models come with plenty of discounts and offers depending on the exact time of year you buy them. They can be really cheap at prices and have a high resale value.The old jet ski models are no doubt cheaper at prices but deliver lesser resale value.


New Jet SkiOld Jet Ski
In terms of Power, you are likely to face any issue regarding power & engine life even you throttle engine for Waves Jump or have fun.The Older models of PWC happen to underperform when compared with New Jet Ski models.

Theft Factor

New Jet SkiOld Jet Ski
Since, the latest models have a higher resale value, they are more prone to burglary.New jet ski models are targeted by thieves more often than the used ones.

Group Rides

New Jet SkiOld Jet Ski
You will always feel scared to go on a group ride if you have a new model of Jet ski. The newer Jet ski models can always put a lot of strain on the owner because of its brand-new condition.Choosing an used watercraft would never make you feel scared to carry your friends and companions along. In fact, 70% of the riders who prefer group rides go for used Jet Ski models.

Outer Appearance

New Jet SkiOld Jet Ski
The brand-new model of Jet ski is definitely more appealing because of its better condition. You will always feel scared to handle it roughly.The Older models can be handled the way you want and are perfect to be chosen by learners and newcomers.


New Jet SkiOld Jet Ski
New models deliver approximately 12-24 months warranty as they belong to the factory.The used models does not cover anything and whatever damage take place has to be managed by you.


New Jet SkiOld Jet Ski
Majority of the new Jet ski models that are brand-new cannot be customized in your own way. It is a total breach of warranty in case you make any changes to the engine and brakes.In case of used PWC, you can do numerous customization which are not recommended by brand manufacturer.

Performance And Power

New Jet SkiOld Jet Ski
You always know the specifications and functions of a new model and that makes it easy to be carried on water.In the case of an old model, you never know which functions are working and which ones or not. It can be a real challenge to ride after sunset.

Benefit of having Used jet ski

  1. An older jet ski may have more customization options, allowing you to make it your own.
  2. Used Jet ski models can deliver as long as 2000 engine hours, so checkout best used Jet ski to buy available near your market.
  3. Older jet skis may have been well-maintained and be in great condition, allowing you to get a reliable and effective ride.
  4. Most of the Yamaha eX models deliver good performance even when they get old.
  5. An older jet ski can be more affordable than a new one, making it easier to purchase.
  6. Some seller also consider offering various Jet Ski accessories with used Jet ski such as helmets, gloves, Navigators and additional warranty.
  7. Older models may be easier to repair if something goes wrong, as their parts are more widely available.
  8. You can choose to buy your personal watercraft (PWC) after learning Jet ski skills on the used model.
  9. An older jet ski can offer a more reliable experience, as the design and technology of it has been tried and tested.

Benefit of having New jet ski

  1. New jet skis have improved safety features like a better braking system and enhanced stability.
  2. New jet skis typically have more powerful engines, allowing for faster speeds and better acceleration.
  3. New jet skis often come with upgraded technology, such as Bluetooth-enabled audio systems and GPS navigation.
  4. Newer jet skis also have more efficient hull designs, allowing them to be more maneuverable and handle better in rougher waters.
  5. New jet skis often come with improved storage options, making it easier to bring along gear and accessories.
  6. New jet skis come with warranties or extended service plans, so you can rest assured that you’re covered in case of any issues.

Majority of the people go for old models because they are more affordable and deliver satisfactory performance. So, if you know someone who is planning to sell a used jet ski, do not mind purchasing it after considering below points 👇🏻.

checklist of purchasing Used jet ski

  • Research the make and model to make sure it meets your needs.
  • Ask the seller for service and maintenance records.
  • Collect any existing registration documents.
  • Check if any theft or accidental case against registration number reported?
  • Inspect the ski for any damages or wear and tear.
  • Check for any recalls on the make and model.
  • Ask about any warranty options from brand or seller for the used jet ski.
  • Test drive the ski to make sure it is handling properly.
  • Ask authorized dealer inspect any used jet ski before purchase. They can check for any small issues which may not be obvious to the untrained eye.

checklist of purchasing New jet ski

  • Research the make and model to make sure it meets your needs.
  • Consider the cost of insurance and registration.
  • Check for any manufacturer’s warranties and extended service contracts.
  • Ensure to purchase current year model coming from brand.
  • Ensure the jet ski comes with all necessary safety accessories.
  • Ask for dealer discount whenever possible.
  • Ask about any financing options.
  • Test drive the ski to make sure it is handling properly.

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Final words 

Marine industry has always been very fascinating for me and I keep discovering more about it every single day. Recent times have seen more people eagerly coming forward with jet ski riding skills. Hence, it commonly creates confusions to buy the used equipment or the new one.

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