How to Make Your Jet Ski Go Faster for Under $1,000

Upgrading Jet Ski with a low budget of less than 1000$ can be sometimes dissatisfying in terms of speed. However, we have brought you a complete guide through which you can increase the speed of your existing watercraft without costing you a fortune.

You do not have to spend a lot of money in order to improve your personal water vehicle. Just a few things kept in mind can make you go much faster than before.

Why Speed ?

The first question that might crop in your mind is- why you need speed in the first place? Well, let me tell you that speed not only adds to the fun of riding a Jet Ski but it is also crucial for your safety. A faster watercraft can help you get out of difficult situations like being caught in a rip current or being too close to a dangerous area. Moreover, it also gives you an edge over other watercraft in racing competitions.

Thus, if you are looking for ways to make your Jet Ski faster without spending a lot of money, here are a few tips for you.

These simple things can make you ride faster

Not every time you need to spend a lot of money in order to increase the speed of your Jet ski. Sometimes, just a little basic things kept in mind can make a lot of modifications to your vehicle.

Help your Jet ski to go faster with the following : –

  • Get a complete service done so that it looks completely new and ravishingly fresh. (One can also use protection cover in off days)
  • Remove anything kept in the storage locker that is not required.
  • Use high-quality premium fuel for refueling.
  • Refurbish or replace the old parts and fight the bottlenecks to create a better performance.
  • Pay attention to the weight of the jet ski and make sure it is not more than the capacity. Keep the bottom of your jet ski clean.
  • Change jet ski oiling at regular intervals to ensure a smooth ride.
Regular Service is Must
Regular Service is Must

Sometimes, the cheapest jet ski can perform the best. You don’t always need to have the most expensive watercraft to let it work in a fascinating way.

You can always purchase Jet ski upgrades for less than $1000 and still make it work well. Make sure that you do not store so many things in the equipment because that can make it heavy and reduce the overall speed. Also, poor quality fuel can heavily impact the speed.

Watch out your riding skills

Do not carry too much load when you ride. Opt for lightweight products that can positively impact the speed of the vehicle. For example, choose a good quality lightweight helmet.

Take a correct position while riding a Jet ski so that you can go as fast as possible. Hard to believe but your jet skiing can let you ride better than expensive pwc and boats. You just have to apply the correct skills where you can travel much faster.

Watch videos

Watch YouTube videos where you can find jet skis involved in races. Take note of aggressive rides and participate in the championships that most of the time travel at hundred miles per hour.

Upgrades and changes for faster jet ski

Make some obvious changes in the personal watercraft and that is how you can improve the performance of your jet ski. Follow the correct dealership advice and you will find some remarkable changes for sure.

It is always best to upgrade for better
It is always best to upgrade for better

Talk to an expert 

Sometimes, discussing the speed boosting with the dealer can be slightly expensive but that will surely help you to resolve the problem of speed. You can achieve up upto 15 knots extra speed and that will create a difference.

Few important things include:-

  • Help the system to upgrade better so that it is able to take more airflow
  • Replacement of the factory turbo system
  • A few changes in the engine ICU to improve the lower end torque
  • The latest boost impeller for the rear end of the watercraft
  • The addition of an aftermarket intercooler.
  • Get a new handlebar with a grip and also gets the break line to replace with customize look. It’s all a mind game! If you don’t feel like you’re going fast, then you probably aren’t.

There are plenty of companies that deliver excellent extra customisation jet skis. It might cost a little bit along with tempering the warranty. However, it can improve the water craft life span and speed very well. It is always better to begin with such type of upgrades because that can at least increase your satisfaction rate.

Making a couple of changes in the water craft is not cheap for sure. Sometimes, it can be more expensive than you can imagine. It can range up to $1000 or even more depending on the type of upgrade your watercraft requires.

Sometimes, you can rather go for a new water craft altogether instead of sticking on to the old and obsolete ones. Instead of making upgrades and changes in the old vehicle, a better idea would be to turn it off, sell it in market and buy a new one.

Buy New One & Sell Existing Option
Buy New One & Sell Existing Option

Final words

Upgrading your watercraft to obtain a higher speed is absolutely possible but it can cost Fortune. Majority of the beginners remain satisfied with their original speed of the budgeted watercraft. However, Once they progress, the requirement of a more powerful jet ski is common. Faster Jet ski can let you cover a higher distance in a minimal time period and for that reason replacing the old equipment is a good idea.

You can look out for PWC Traders that can help you to improve the quality of your watercraft without spending a lot of money. This way you are not required to spend much and still get the best performance from your device.

It should be noted that jet skis have already acquired a position in the list of fast machines. Making it go even faster can increase the risk of accidents and make it very dangerous.

If you are looking to maximize your speed on a jet ski, it is important to understand the dynamics of how they work. By upgrading certain components on your watercraft and taking some safety precautions, you can achieve speeds that were once only dreamed of. Just be sure to have the proper training and experience before attempting any high-speed maneuvers.

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