9 Best Places To Enjoy Jet Ski Around Los Angeles

Trying to find the best place to enjoy jet skiing in los angeles? Don’t worry we will let you know the 9 best places where you can Jet ski all year round. Discover your riding potential and go around the world fishing and becoming more skilled.

Popular riding spots for jet ski lover in los angeles

1. Lake Elsinore

If you do not have much knowledge about freshwater environments, you should definitely discover more about Lake Elsinore. A great option for beginners, the lake generally remains busy on weekends. Otherwise You can find a very calming environment over there on most weekdays.

Lake Elsinore - Great option for Jet Ski 
Lake Elsinore – Great option for Jet Ski

2. Pyramid lake and castaic lake

We also have the wonderful castaic lake and pyramid lake that nobody should miss checking out for riding. The ultimate tourist destination does offer a couple of restrictions but it is a priceless place to improve your butt and skills at.

You should get there early in the morning so that enjoying water activities with complete fun is possible. Ensure to Jet Ski with your children in weekends.

3. San Clemente island

San Clemente island requires you to have a VHF radio in case you get too far away from the shore. Make sure that you do not forget to check out the weather conditions of the place and also hunt for a proper docking station. Both Catalina Island and San Clemente Island offer similar experiences.

4. Santa Rosa island and Channel Islands

Are you planning to escape crowds and ride on multiple islands together? Choose Santa Rosa and the channel islands that are wonderful with polite waters and pristine beauty. You can openly throttle all across the place without needing to worry about any water police running behind you. Though you will find Jet Ski or boat docked together at offshores.

Santa Rosa island & Channel Islands - Best for Group Jet Ski Touring
Santa Rosa Island & Channel Islands – Best for Group Jet Ski Touring

This is indeed the best destination if you are planning to ride Jet ski along with your friends in Los Angeles. Just find out who else is going to ride over there on your social media handle and give them a good company.

5. Catalina Island

You can never go wrong on selecting Catalina Island because that is one of the best places for jet ski riders. It is recommended to take someone along in case you are a beginner.

Also, arrange for some additional fuel during the trip because you never know whether there are fuel stations nearby or not. Also, carry safety gear and GPS Navigation without any fail.

6. Silverwood Lake

The beautiful Silverwood lake is another amazing freshwater location that any Jet ski owner would love to throttle upon. It is the busiest place during weekends and that is why suggest you to aim it for a midweek ride. You can additionally find plenty of Jet ski rentals available at that place.

7. Long Beach

Long beach is a great option to enjoy ski riding in los angeles. The most convenient option for watercraft owners needs you to start as early as 7 o’clock in the morning.

Long beach is a great option to enjoy ski riding
Long Beach

You might face parking problem in case you get late in arriving there. However, the beach is just awesome and lets you completely enjoy some heart-quenching sports activities.

8. The Newport beach

The delightful option of Newport beach Is rather popular amongst Jet ski riders. You need to remain at least 1000 yards away from offshore and that is enough to be taken as a security measure. Make sure that you carry along important safety equipment and do not overdo anything.

9. Santa Monica

You just cannot ignore Santa Monica as a riding option in los angeles if you are a water sports lover. The most sheltered place for newcomers reduces exposure to unwanted elements. It is never a pick for someone who is totally skilled in Jet ski riding. However, you can enjoy riding over there with other watercraft users.

Santa Monica is best Option for Jet Ski any time in year
Santa Monica is best option for Jet Ski any time in year


Q: Do I need a license to jet ski in Los Angeles?

A: Yes, you will need to obtain a California Boating Card before you can legally ride a PWC. A person under the age of 16 and over the age of 12 may ride a PWC only with the supervision of a legal licence holder.

Q: What equipment do I need for jet skiing in Los Angeles?

A: You will need a jet ski, a life jacket, and other safety equipment, such as a whistle. You should also bring along sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat as per your comfort level.

Q: How much does it cost to rent jet ski in Los Angeles?

A: Some jet ski rental companies do require a security deposit, with rentals ranging from 110 to 140 dollars per hour, depending on the machine.

Final words

Hopefully, you have found out your favorite destination to enjoy Jet ski riding in los angeles. You do not always need to end up selecting San Diego because there are some actually incredible places to explore.

Make sure you find out their weather before planning a ride and go with a group of friends often.

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