Jet Ski Hire in Adelaide: Affordability Yet Value for Money

Want to thoroughly explore the city of Adelaide on your jet ski? Here we will help you to do it very easily through our well researched article. Our research has led us to uncover the most affordable jet ski rental companies out there –

jet ski Hire In Adelaide

In order to crack the right deal, you need to check out the water equipment at the correct place with the correct pricing. Here I have uncovered the best jet ski hire businesses in Adelaide that are affordable and offer a wide range of services.

Wild ride jet ski tours

People who want to explore the Murray River area can go on wild ride jet ski tours, which are the best company ever. Based at Glen Marina, this is the ultimate destination for a wide range of houseboats in Murray’s southern reaches. Because the waterway is completely calm, you will not come across the ocean dwell.

People who want to avoid Lake Albert can also choose this particular route to enjoy their ride. You can head towards the midweek tourism during the school holidays, where there is a little crowd at the edge of the river.

Update: Wild Ride jet ski may be available offline, as of current, it is closed for online booking.

Riverland Jet Ski Hire

Riverland Jet Ski Hire
Riverland Jet Ski Hire – (1)

With their top-of-the-line jet skis, Riverland Jet ski company make sure that everyone gets a safe and enjoyable experience. They offer a range of jet ski packages to suit everyone’s needs, from single-day hire right up to longer full-week packages.

With the beautiful river landscape, you can find plenty of stunning spots to explore and take in the stunning views. Whether you’re looking for an adrenaline-filled adventure or a peaceful cruise, Riverland Jet Ski Hire has it all covered.

Jet-tech performance

One of the most renowned crews in Adelaide is Jet Tech Performance. They bring upgraded services and repair service for the existing jet ski owners. No matter whether you are hiring the equipment for just one day or decide to have it for one week, you can always go for this particular suggestion. Along with the tour, they offer a good discount on 3hr to 6hr rentals.

Adelaide jet ski hire

Adelaide jet ski hire
Adelaide jet ski hire – (2)

Take the best tour to the Adelaide coastline, where riding and hiring jet skis are very interesting. You can enjoy the epic tour from Adelaide jet ski hire company at an discounted price and you can enjoy the facility of after-pay as well. Selecting O’sullys Ultimate track is a great place to begin your tours and enjoy the jetty ride. The summer days can never be enjoyed better, while riding your water equipment at these places.

Sa jet ski tours

This particular tourism has stopped working ever since November 2021

Goolwa Jet ski

Goowla is the most popular jet ski hire company in Adelaide, located in the Fleurieu Peninsula. It is just an hour’s drive south of Adelaide. Offering a range of options for jet ski hire, Goowla has something for everyone. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider, Goowla has a selection of jet skis to suit your needs.

As of now, Goolwa is offering a 30 minute ride for $100. In addition to jet skiing, Goolwa also offers a range of other activities such as water skiing, wakeboarding, and tubing.

What is Average cost of hiring jet ski in South australia?

Somewhere, it will cost around $90 to $100 for a 30-minute ride. In case you choose to discover the ocean for three hours, you will be expected to spend at least $250 – $300.

Also, it should be noted that the pricing of riding jet skis keeps on varying and nothing remains very fixed. Some of the causes of price variation include weather conditions and crowding. It is always suggested to hire a jet ski for at least three hours so that you can discover a certain part of the area.

Prefer location to ride jet ski?

Places where the ocean is disturbed, jet skiing is rarely available. Even if the water equipment is available to rent in such places, you are never allowed to ride alone without expert supervision. Jet skiing should be enjoyed in a location that offers ideal weather conditions for the activity. Therefore, it is important to select a place where the weather is suitable for jet skiing.

Most South Australian prefer to ride their jet skis in the Murray River. The Murray River is also home to some of the best fishing spots in the area, making it a great spot for jet skiing and fishing.

What should you bring?

It is very important to carry some sunscreen, a water bottle, shorts, an extra T-shirt, a rubber tube, and some food along when you ride in Adelaide. The heat waves are nasty, and making important arrangements would keep you healthy and alive while riding.

Should you ever purchase a jet ski?

To fulfill your hobby, it is always advisable to rent a jet ski every weekend as purchasing one for non-regular users might cost more overall. If at any point of time you make up your mind to purchase your personal watercraft, brands like Yamaha and Sea-doo would be the best suggestions to go for.

Make sure to rent or use the equipment regularly if you are going to buy it. Otherwise, you could end up with it sitting unused in your garage for months, which could end up costing you a extra fortune.

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Final Words

Have a wonderful day riding your rented jet ski in the areas around Adelaide. Carry along your best friends and some well-known friends. Always go for riding on a clear, sunny day, and never forget to click and upload some great Instagram selfies.

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