Best Buying Guide for a Jet Ski Beginner (2023)

Having a personal watercraft brings so much fun and unparalleled superiority. However, you need to be very careful regarding the Jet ski model you choose. There are so many non-identical options available online which actually create confusion.

You need to find out the exact specifications and features they carry besides their varying price tags. In this article, I am going to share with you my best opinion on buying a perfect Jet ski. There are some great options so that choosing one is never a waste of time .  

Most of the dealers would ask you to pick up Sea-Doo spark or Trixx or Yamaha EX. However, these are actually some of the most bizarre options you can go for. I am going to share my opinion so that you always by the very best personal watercraft.

Understanding the Basics

Riding a jet ski can be an exhilarating experience, but safety should be your top priority. Before you take your jet ski out on the water, it’s important to make sure you have the right accessories and equipment.

Life Jacket

First and foremost, you need to make sure you’re wearing a personal floatation device (PFD). This is the most important accessory when it comes to jet ski safety, so make sure you’re wearing one that fits correctly. You should also make sure your jet ski has the proper safety equipment, such as an anchor, flares, and a whistle.

Safety Equipment

Aside from safety equipment, you’ll need the right accessories for your jet ski. This includes things like a waterproof bag for your personal items, a tow rope, and a life jacket for passengers. You’ll also want to make sure your jet ski has a working radio for communication.

All of these things are important to keep in mind when it comes to jet ski safety. Make sure you’re properly equipped and prepared before you take your jet ski out on the water. That way, you’ll be able to enjoy a safe and enjoyable ride.

How to choose the best Jet ski for a Beginner?

It is quite frustrating to choose the options given to you by the dealers. Believe me, dealers are just into more profit making as bigger companies provide their products at large margins to them. Do not settle for a cheap machine because it can be fatal to your life.

Pay attention to the best buying guide for Jet ski beginner and you will end up paying for something that is really worthwhile. Here are below factors on which I have described buying guide for a Jet Ski beginner :

  • Stability
  • Performance
  • Upgraded model
  • Brakes
  • Speed factor
  • Seating capacity
Buying Points for a Jet Ski beginner
Buying Points for a Jet Ski beginner

It is pointless to waste your hard earned money on the random Jet ski. After all, more than recreation it is also and equipment for sailing. A couple of options that you can directly choose to buy includes

  • Kawasaki STX -15 F 2022 
  • Sea -Doo GTI 2022
  • Yamaha vx

These are best Jet Ski suited for any newcomer/beginner who just have started and also for those who are enthusiastic toward Jet ski adventure. One can also go for used Jet ski instead of new one though it comes with their pros and cons.

Here comes the Ultimate Buying guide for a Jet ski Model


More than the recreation part, you should buy a Jet ski that has more stability and sturdiness. Since, you may be expected to glide above the highwaves, Jet ski should not get upturned for any reason. 

Buying Guide for a Jet Ski Beginner - 1
Stability And Sturdiness


People having slightly higher budget can look forward to buy Jet ski with more performance and luxury. The learner Jet ski models reduce performance and have limited number of features.

Buying Guide for a Jet Ski Beginner - 2

They are generally cheap at prices and also do not deliver very good speed. Advance models on the other hand are very enjoyable to be purchased. You can always go for them to learn and to recreate.

Upgraded model

Purchase a good quality but also that you do not have to buy another one in the next two years.

Buying Guide for a Jet Ski Beginner - 3

Once you learn jet skiing activity, you will always feel like out growing your skills with upgraded model and for that higher capacity models are needed. Alway prefer Jet Ski which can be upgraded as per your skill specialization.


Most of the manufacturer providing affordable Jet ski models pay little attention on brakes. However, that can result in serious accidents and injury. You must take a wise decision by choosing a watercraft (PWC) that has good braking system.

Buying Guide for a Jet Ski Beginner - 4

Even when you are a beginner, having a jet ski with a proper break is a good idea. Docking the equipment is much easier with the reverse break. Also, it avoids embarrassing situations and accidents. Yamaha and sea doo have an intelligent brake system.

Speed factor

Choose a model that can hit a minimum speed of 50 mph. You can always recreate with a machine that easily catches hold of higher speed and delivers lots of fun. You can do waves jump with this beginner friendly machines.

Buying Guide for a Jet Ski Beginner - 5

The machines that catch speeds more than 50 mph are extremely expensive. Also, they are more powerful than a beginner can handle.

Seating capacity

Purchase a three seater Jet ski that can easily let you carry two adults apart from the driver seat. Nobody likes to sail alone and that is the reason you should always go for a three seater Jet ski.

Buying Guide for a Jet Ski Beginner - 6

It is quite possible for you to carry children and their toys along to have a great fun.

Things to remember while buying Jet ski

Sometimes you can end up buying the cheapest machine while hunting for value for money. Not all the entry-level Jet ski are worth buying from the market. In order to avoid and embarrassment, you must select machines with basic features.

Even if you are not an experienced rider, a basic machine would help you to become really skilled. These is most recomended Jet ski tips for beginners, I always intend to share with newcomers.

We are not suggesting you purchase a 300 hp beast. In fact, stay away from those because you still need to learn a lot of things. It takes a minimum of 12-15 months to become actually skilled and learning to manage the watercraft alone having that kind of enormous power.

It takes at least two months for one to become skilled and learn it. When you have just purchased a model for yourself, patience is the key to learn everything. Avoid racing on big machines and always go for the ones that you can easily handle.

Begin your sailing slow because that would keep you safe and develop skills. The Jet ski models with more specifications are generally very expensive and remain unaffordable.

Make a list of accessories that are required for Jet skiing when making purchase, also check if they can associate with available Jet ski. I would recommend to purchase essential accessories such as jet ski covers, helmet, Navigators, gloves, and leg guards.

Which is the best Jet ski model ?

  • When you are just planning to purchase Jet ski model, pay attention that it has good quality brakes that are intuitive and can be reversed. In order to enjoy a day on water, it is very important that you arrive back safely and remain ready for the next session. Hence, for that reason Yamaha VX and GTI models are good enough to deliver lots of fun & is recommended as best jet ski for beginners.
  • Go for a high-quality model that keeps you safe against unwanted accidents. A good quality watercraft can be inherited to the children so that they can also enjoy water sports when they grow up. A little bit of training is always a must to avoid any problems later on.
  • The last and the most important thing that I would like to suggest is to take a plenty of rides on rented machines before buying your own Jet ski model.

Final words

Here we come to an end to the buying guide for Jet ski Best machine. We do not approve sea doo spark as it lacks so many important things. Purchase a good quality water craft that has limited power and a maximum safety functions, Even if it looks average.

Do not mind spending a little extra money on Jet ski model so that you get something better in your hand. I totally understand that not everybody can go for expensive machines but you cannot always settle for an inferior quality model.

I personally love water sports and would like to suggest you to go for a good quality water craft instead of buying a cheap one. Only a quality machine can deliver years of fun on water. I hope all above Jet ski beginner guide & tips will help to make best purchase. For more detail on Jet ski advice, visit our homepage.

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