Best Jet Ski fishing Models in 2022/2023

The last seven years have seen an incredible boost in the sale of Jet ski models. People simply love the idea of fishing on a jet ski for some unknown fun and excitement. The wonderful watercraft is a very expensive option in comparison to a usual fishing boats. Somehow, you can go for some of the ultimate models to keep things more enjoyable and reasonable.

The following Jet ski models can help you to enjoy the fishing activity even better without fail. Bag up the best catches and have a new level of fun to the water sports activity.

Best jet ski models for fishing in 2022

Sea doo fishpro scout 130/170

The regular riders always love to enjoy their fishing activity on the sea doo fishpro scout 130 model of jet ski. The budget friendly option comes with best fishing accessories like rod holders, trolling motor and a cooler. You can store the fishes in the box and improve your performance.

The people looking for more oriented Jet ski for fishing can go for the 170 model. This is even better if you want to use jet ski for only touring and fishing.

✌️ Sea Doo just launched 2022 Spark & Trixx Model : Find which one is perfect.

Sea doo fishpro scout
Sea doo fishpro scout – Image Source

Yamaha VX deluxe 2022 Model

Jet ski models from Yamaha have always been very fascinating, recreational and durable. This time it is Yamaha VX deluxe that is definitely going to steal your heart with its cool features dedicatedly meant for jet ski fishing. It has a cruiser seat where you can comfortably sit and catch hold of fishes very easily. The model promotes fishing activity with some of the unique features.

The Yamaha VX deluxe model is additionally very cheap on its way. You can easily cruise on it as much as you want on the equipment without needing to refuel it repeatedly. Seeing the features of the model, we can say Yamaha have launched this model dedicating to fishing. Somehow, currently this is a relatively better option than the rest in other terms also.

Yamaha VX deluxe
Yamaha VX deluxe – Image Source

2022 Yamaha eX deluxe

The most economical option for fishing on Jet ski is the Yamaha eX deluxe 2022 model. It is a suitable choice when it comes to purchasing a basic fishing model for jet skiing.

You can go on it during weekends and not worry about its performance. The model is a good choice for recreational activities and works well to create happy moments. If you are short of budget, purchasing Yamaha X deluxe is definitely a good choice.

Yamaha eX deluxe
Yamaha eX deluxe – Image Source

Sea doo trophy 170 – Jet Ski 2022 Models

You can go for the Sea doo trophy 170 model without needing to be very on your instincts. People who have bought this particular model have always praised it because of more comfort and economy. Overall design, characteristics and quality of the Jet ski model makes it one of the best options to go for. The only drawback of the watercraft is its pricing which is approximately $18,000. 

Sea doo generated the trophy model only after witnessing a massive increase in fishing activity. Nowadays, watercraft come embedded with so many technologies and features from beforehand. However, in earlier days adding such features was cumbersome and also tampered with the warranty of the watercraft.

The global sites now sell the Jet ski model dedicated for fishing so that you can easily enjoy the water ride while catching hold of maximum possible marine fishes.

Sea doo trophy 170
Sea doo trophy 170 – Image Source

Final advice

Now, when you have different options of Jet ski at your disposal, you can always choose the best PWC model that can multiply or overall fun.

  • Make sure that your fishing activity is absolutely safe. Find out more details on this adventure in my next article.
  • Learn about the essential fishing accessories, so that the activity can be made more enjoyable.


If you’re looking for a best Jet ski model for fishing, any of the models on this list would be a great choice. However, the Yamaha EX model is our top pick for the best jet ski for fishing. It’s a great all-around jet ski that is perfect for fishing and comes with a lot of features that make it perfect for the job. Thanks for reading and good luck fishing!

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