Ultimate Guide to Double Jet Ski Trailers: Choosing the Best Trailer

Right after purchasing a Jet ski, there is a requirement of a double Jet ski trailer to help you to manage the watercraft from wherever you live. Storing a jet ski and keeping it safe is only possible when you have a high-quality aluminium double Jet ski trailer. This particular accessory helps to tow the watercraft very easily from one place to another. Even if it comes at a slightly extra cost, you should never mind having it for any reason.

It is not important whether you buy a first hand or second hand jet ski trailer from the factory or any other source. it’s just that having the right one matters. Jet ski trailers are available in different sizes, materials and capacity. You should look forward to the best jet ski trailer that not only falls pocket friendly but gives you a complete satisfaction on using it. Do not forget to pay a close attention to the type of material that is used in the trailer. After all, you have to load a full fledged Jet ski on it.

Types of Double jet ski trailer

As a seasoned jet ski enthusiast, I’ve had practical experiences with both aluminium and steel trailers. I remember my first experience in purchase jet ski, and the confusion that came with choosing the right trailer. Over the years, I’ve come to understand the main differences between aluminium and steel trailers, which I’ll highlight in below points to make your decision-making process a simpler.

1. Aluminium Double Jet ski Trailer

Firstly, let’s talk about weight. Aluminium trailers are generally lighter than their steel counterparts. This was a significant factor for me, as I wanted a trailer that wouldn’t weigh down my vehicle too much. The lighter weight of aluminium trailers also translates to better fuel efficiency for the towing vehicle, which means more savings in the long run.

Aluminium Double Jet ski trailer

If weight and fuel efficiency are important to you, aluminium double jet ski trailer are the ultimate ones to go for. They are more long-lasting and perform better than the steel trailers. Also, they are money saving and you can easily replace them while getting a superior value for money.

In many cases, aluminium jet ski trailer is founded performing better in salty conditions over the sea. It is absolutely rust resistance and can continue to serve you well even when there is no specific care taken.

2. Double Steel Jet ski Trailer

Talking about the steel jet ski trailers, they are available in painted and galvanised options. They come with high maintenance cost and are somewhat inferior when it comes to durability. The painted steel double jet ski trailers can even get rusted in the saltwater environment. This can give birth to serious issues if you do not take enough care of the trailer.

Steel Double Jet ski Trailer

The galvanised ones are still better because they do not corrode so easily. They require comparatively less amount of maintenance but when dumped into salt water, the performance degrade with time and date.

Double Jet Ski Trailer Dimensions

The average width of a double Jet ski trailer ranges in between 98 – 102 inches. You should have a big sized place to store the trailer and keep it safe.

Usually, A double sized Jet ski trailer can be 170-230 inch long. Go for the spacious ones so that storing and dragging your jet ski is not a hurdle for you.

The average weight of a jet ski trailer is somewhat between 300-500 pound. The lighter ones are not so good to be purchased.

Best Personal Watercraft Double jet ski trailer

When I’m considering purchasing a jet ski trailer, I always keep in mind the thumb rule of checking its carrying capacity. I find that the higher the weight of the trailer, the better it can bear the load. Additionally, I make it a point to thoroughly examine the licensing, brakes, lights, and other features which plays an significant role in moving jet ski from one to place to another.

Triton Trailer WC2-2 SERIES

The heavy duty trailers are designed to adjust your watercraft safely on it. This may be an ideal model of a double Jet ski trailer that you may be looking forward to. Completely welded frames with all aluminium body makes it long-lasting and durable. The adjustable bunks, torsion axle and sealed LED lights add some amazing features positioned in the accessory.

Triton Trailer WC2
Triton Trailer WC2 – Source
Trailer Weight (lbs)340
Carrying Capacity (lbs)1640
Number of Watercraft2
Axle TypeGalvanized torsion axle
Frame MaterialAluminum

Karavan Double Watercraft Aluminium Trailer

The double watercraft trailer is manufactured using aluminum material only. It can conveniently carry 2-3 person. Engineered with smart lighting and wheel bearing system, you would enjoy using the model all the way. It has cable coiled, wheel bearing grease system and many other features to give you utter satisfaction on its purchase.

Karavan Double Watercraft Aluminium Trailer
Karavan Double Watercraft Aluminium Trailer – Source
ModelDouble Aluminum Trailer w/ Step Fender
Trailer Weight (lbs)400
Carrying Capacity (lbs)2,300
Number of Watercraft2
Axle TypeSingle torsion axle
Frame MaterialAluminum

Shadows Shad 2 Jet ski Trailer

Are you willing to purchase steel based Jet ski double trailer system? Go for this particular option and you would love to use the double safety cables, disc brakes and tubular steel construction. It’s a great jet ski accessory with high-gloss powder coat finish.

Shadows Shad 2 Jet ski Trailer
Shadows Shad 2 Jet ski Trailer – Source
ModelShadow Single & Double PWC Trailers
Trailer Weight (lbs)Not specified
Carrying Capacity (lbs)Single: 1,200 lbs (approximate)
Double: 2,500 lbs (approximate)
Number of Watercraft1 & 2
Axle TypeSingle Trailer: Single torsion axle
Double Trailer: Tandem torsion axles
Frame MaterialGalvanized steel

Top Double Watercraft Trailer Manufacturer

Apart from the above mentioned brands, you can also go for Karavan, Triton, Play Craft and Shadows. These manufacturers bring some of the most versatile transportation options for the users. Not only you can shift your jet ski from one place to another but also transport other vehicles.

Having a quality jet ski trailer always brings peace of mind. In case you want to prefer some additional players in top notch double Jet ski trailer manufacturers in the market, prefer referring products from the brand names mentioned below –

  • Yacht Club
  • Continental
  • Load Rite
  • EZ Loader


Double Jet ski trailers are the next best thing you should purchase after having your own watercraft. The Aluminium trailers are simply incomparable and better than the rest. Additionally, you can go for the tailor-made options from the leading manufacturers by stating your preferences and requirements in detail. A personal watercraft is just incomplete in the absence of a jet ski trailer. 

In case you have to occasionally tow the vehicle, steel jet ski trailer can also be chosen. At least, it would protect your expensive watercraft against scratches and bumps. You can even adjust the trailer height according to the requirements and let them crawl very easily over the ocean water.

In conclusion, choosing the right double jet ski trailer for your jet ski can be a difficult decision. However, understanding the key differences between aluminium and steel trailers can help make the process easier. Aluminium trailers are generally lighter and more fuel-efficient, while steel trailers are known for their strength and durability. Ultimately, it comes down to your personal preference and what you prioritize in a trailer. Whichever option you choose, I hope my insights have helped make your decision-making process simpler.

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