All About Jet Ski Fishing Setup (Tips & Equipments)

Gone are the days when enjoying fishing on jet ski raised eyebrows. Nowadays, people who are water sports enthusiasts love to initiate such a fun activity. Jet ski fishing is a total combination of thrill, fun and addictive mix. Despite requiring a lot of practice, fishing on a jet ski gives another level of satisfaction, entertainment and something worthwhile.

You can even find markets being flooded with special models of jet ski equipment that support fishing intricately. There are anglers for safety and so many latest attachments that make fishing very easy and fun in the watercraft.

In comparison to boats, Jet skis delivers a better accessibility of fishes in the water. It is more entertaining than a typical trailer boat for many reasons. You can handle the watercraft very easily while initiating fishing single handedly or with your friends.

why Fish With a Jet ski?

  • Small sized vessels that promote manoeuvrability and all sorts of fishing activities.
  • Least amount of time required in launching and maintaining the vessel
  • The Jet ski equipment burns a very little amount of fuel which makes it environment and pocket friendly together.
  • It is easy to launch a Jet ski than a typical boat or a water vessel.
  • Jet ski can go a long way to promote your fishing activity. You do not have to manually manage the water craft and that is why you can travel miles to hunt for different varieties of fishes.

Important equipment For Jet Ski fishing Setup

If you are genuinely fond of fishing, you should never compromise on carrying important accessories in your jet ski fishing setup. Here is the list:

Fishing net

One must have accessory for all the jet ski fishermen is the fishing net. You can go for it because of its large diameter of 18-24 inches. You need to create a system in which the fishing net and the jet ski remain connected with each other. Use some sort of a clip or latch to do the needful.

Fishing Rod and reel

The primary accessory for setting up fishing on Jet ski is the fishing rod and the reel that lets you come in real action. Make sure that you choose a lightweight rod that can at least hold 150 yards of the reel and allow you to take incharge of everything you do.

Jet ski Fishing Setup - 1
Jet ski Fishing Setup – 1

First aid kit

Accidents don’t take place after notifications. If in case you come across any injury or a person who needs essential first aid items, you should be ready for it without a doubt. 


A tackle box is again a very important accessory that lets you keep everything organised and well managed. It has several number of compartments to store your fishes accessories and required commodities very well.

Anchor line

You definitely require a good quality anchor line so that hovering your vessel when you finish with the fishing part is possible. In order to ensure that your PWC does not float or drift away in the water, an angler with a long line is important to keep out of situations that are not required.

VHF radio

Quite concerned about your safety during Jet ski fishing? A VHF radio is an essential commodity to improve your communication with the required people in case of emergency. There should be enough number of channels and a better compatibility with your particular model.

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Life Jacket

Your whole sole duty while arranging jet ski fishing setup is to carry a life jacket so that your life remains safe even when you fall in the water. Before any Coast-Guard arrives or help is given, a life jacket would keep you safe with the amount of buoyancy it has.

Jet ski Fishing Setup - 2
Jet ski Fishing Setup – 2

Emergency whistle

A whistle will definitely give a signal to the required people about your trouble. Being an intelligent fisherman, you should never leave behind any stones unturned for your personal safety and security. An emergency vessel that is US Coast Guard approve is a must for everybody.

Fishing cooler

Amongst most important jet ski accessories is the fishing cooler. This will keep your fish absolutely fresh, alive and healthy. You should consider the size of the cooler because that matters a lot at the end. If you think that most of the time you are interested in catching small size fishes, a small cooler would be enough.

On the other hand if you think that you are fond of bigger size marine animals, go for a huge fish in cooler that can be slightly expensive but convenient.


Any Jet ski owner cannot do fishing without a knife at all. After all, you need to cut lines and do a variety of tasks using the tool. You can even go for the multi toolkit having a screwdriver, nice plier and every thing together. Keep every thing intact in a particular area where it remains accessible instantly.


While will discuss all the best fishing equipments for jet ski, forgetting flashlight in the list would be sheer foolishness. If you want to signify emergency, selecting a long battery flashlight would keep your life prolonged.

Jet ski Fishing Setup - 3
Jet ski Fishing Setup – 3

Dry Bag

Dry bags for storing all the necessary essential item will keep you composed in every aspect. First of all, it is going to protect your elements and secondly it add durability to your products.


Headlamp is a type of flashlight that needs to be carried on your head so that you can ideally pursue jet ski fishing in night or dark areas.

How To Set Up jet Ski for fishing

Setting up a jet ski for fishing is not at all complicated and very easy to do. It just requires a little bit of planning so that you can finally design your watercraft with some required fishing equipment and accessories is possible. The purely entertaining activity give thorough results when you do these basics :-

Do the basics

The Initial task of setting a jet ski for fishing is relatively straightforward and simple. All you need to do is acquire a fishing rig so that it can make you feel more comfortable while manoeuvring. Water equipment that is properly rigged performs better in comparison to traditional fishing equipment.

You can go for pontoons that need to be fitted in the boat structure for added stability and improved buoyancy. Not only this, it helps to improve the storage capacity of your water equipment 

Rear basket system

The rare basket system is the easiest and the most suggestive thing for every Jet ski fishing tourer should have. The tray basket can be attached to your watercraft with the help of clamps or straps. You can store cooler and important commodities in the rear basket system located at the back of the Jet ski.

Chrome tubes

The chrome tubes are very important and elaborate when it comes to enjoying Jet ski fishing. They are quite functional and highly effective.

Decide where to fish

There are certain laws and regulations when it comes to jet ski fishing. Choose areas that allow fishing legally and do not target very large lakes because they can be dangerous. Initiate the activity during the day time for more accurate results. Learn the fishing laws and never forget to take important safety measurements.

Pros of jet ski fishing

Jet ski Fishing Pros
Jet ski Fishing Pros
  • Mobility: Jet skis are extremely mobile, allowing you to access areas that would otherwise be difficult to reach.
  • Versatility: Jet ski being a very functional equipment is not specific to a water activity. If you are fond of fishing, this PWC is going to give you all the fun in trolling, bottom fishing, and jigging. No matter whether you like towing or doing more adventurous, you are always going to get thorough support through this.
  • Cost-effective: People who are on a tight budget and still want to enjoy good PWC fishing activity can go for Kawasaki and Yamaha models as an affordable option. These are very sturdy models of Jet ski having inbuilt customised functions of fishing.
  • Environmental Impact: Not only Jet ski are helpful in consuming less amount of fuel but also emitting gasses. The latest models of Jet ski ensure that they are absolutely fuel-efficient and deliver every function so that catching fishes and enjoying the activity is very easy.
  • Portability: Jet ski is never going to create trouble for you in case there isn’t any access to a large sized boat. This one vessel is going to give you all the required facilities and convenience in capturing and storing the fishes.


  • Limited Passenger Capacity – A single Jet ski cannot offer space for more than 3 people at a time. You need to join the attachment to adjust more people in the fishing activity with yourself. It basically promotes solo fishing instead of a group activity.
  • Low Storage Space – A bigger sized boat delivers a better storage area which is not going to take place in case of a Jet ski.
  • Improper Seating Arrangement – In comparison to a boat, Jet ski is not going to give you a comfortable seating position. There is an absence of backrest which can make you slightly restless after a certain time period.

Tips to Enhance Jet ski fishing Experience

  1. It is highly important to choose a large sized Jet ski so that your fishing activity can be very elaborate and enjoyable. Selecting a very small model of jet skis not going to give you a better performance during the fishing activity 
  2. The fuel range of the vessel should be quite decent so that you do not run out of the resources in the middle of the activity.
  3. Most of the time it is advised to use a four seater Jet ski because they are more capable and accentuated. Every time you go fishing, there will be plenty of time consumed in the activity.
  4. The dry storage area in the Jet ski model is very important because you have to keep your accessories, car keys and mobile phone absolutely safe.
  5. Important fishing accessories are to be stacked so that you never run out of what is needed during the fishing activity. Carry cooler, fishing rod, GPS finder and a proper Jet ski fishing rack.
  6. You can go for underwater cameras to know what exactly goes around into the world of marine animals.

Tips to Improve safety during jet ski fishing Setup

  • Killswitch lanyard is one important option to stop your jet ski at the press of a button. Whenever you find things getting out of control, keeping the Killswitch lanyard in control will help you to come out of an unwanted situation.
  • Wearing a life jacket is a must so that you can always rescue yourself without needing anybody to help you out.
  • Keep hundred percent battery charged of your cell phone in a dry bag along with VHF.
  • Make sure that you are always in touch of a Coast Guard and take a membership for the same.
  • Checking up the weather condition is very important so that you can avoid risking your Jet ski and life during adverse circumstances.
  • A Jet ski insurance can cover malicious and accidental damage against fire or any type. This is going to keep you at complete mental peace.

Final Words

Even if you find it challenging to carry relevant safety equipment, do not leave them behind under any circumstance. Many people claim that carrying fishing gear is very difficult and transporting the fishing rods is a source of headache.

Somehow, we suggest that when you go around for such an activity, everything should be very well-planned and intact. Conduct some research to identify locations that support Jet Ski fishing setup activities. 

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